What is CodeTuple?

CodeTuple is a member driven community of creative content and posts of interest related to anything tech.

Why should i join the CodeTuple community?

Joining the CodeTyple community gives you unlimited free access to everything. Setting up your profile you can communicate with some of the best in the business. Share ideas and gather inspiration from the work of others.

How are submissions ranked?

All submissions are ranked based on their order of views and their relative ratings

How is plagiarism assessed?

We do not accept plagiarism. If you are posting somebody else's content or parts of their content please reference the original creator.

How is Karma calculated?

Your Karma is accredited based on the value your content brings. You will be given Karma based on how others rate your content.

Are duplicate submissions permitted?

Although we do like keeping things singular and simple we do accept duplicate submissions. All items are displayed based on their ranking. Older articles will reduce in their order of precedence compared the the new and trending articles.

How do i request new Categories?

We love to have users suggest new areas of interest for us. All request can be made to: system@codetuple.com

How are submissions formatted?

Submissions can be formatted in any manner you decide! That's the beauty of CodeTuple, we encourage creativity. Our editor is HTML based and so can be written how you want it. We use the Tinymce editor so if you're familiar with it and would like to see more features added please do let us know.

How do i submit an item?

To submit items you must first be a registered user. Once signed up you can post, edit and share your items all from your dashboard. Click on "add an item" to begin.

What are the rules regarding submissions?

Submissions must be your own work. We do not condone copying and pasting other people's work. While most of computer science in general is people learning from one another it's still no reason to directly copy and paste. Posts that do include other creators material must reference that in their post or must link back to the original source of the content.

What are the rules regarding comments?

We don't really have any. Just be a respectful person. Nobody likes an idiot!